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The Assfam

It’s okay Sehun-ah, you’ve done very well  (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

chef xing spamming time (๑´ڡ`๑)  

Our Adorable camel (*≧▽≦)

Victoria: How about Tao? How does Tao feel?

Tao: I’m the son in the MV, because I’ve lost my mum at a young age and I have been living in a “low-class” environment everyday. So to be able to act this character, I have to imagine myself as having lost my mum at a young age. To have that feeling it was a bit hard but it was still good. 

Title: my car...
Played: 3100 times

Tao: my car, my car…
Luhan: hahaha
Tao: we’re into…my car, my car, my car…one more time, sing…my car, my car, my car, my car,
my car, my car…
fans: *chant along* MY CAR, MY CAR, MY CAR^n
Tao: my car, my car………we’re into…..my car^n…thank you~
Tao [chinese]: I feel like I’m insane hurhurhur