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Title: Yixing Ending MENT
Artist: [140727 Changsha TLP]
Played: 370 times


"I’m very honored and happy to be in my home. To be able to have it in my hometown, this concert is specially meaningful. I would also like to thank the fans who came from all over the world, thank you for coming. Thank you. You guys have put it in too much for us, really too much. Everything that you guys have shown us, everything that you guys have done to us, everything. The sweat that you have perspired out doesn’t only drop towards the ground, or perspired out on your body, but it will always stay in your hearts forever. I will never forget everyone’s kindness and everyone’s affection. 我没有办法给你们我的最好的,但是我希望我可以给你们我的更好。 I may not be able to give you my very best, but I wish to definitely give you a better me. You guys are the best! Thank you everyone! I love you, Changsha!”

(c) 芒果卡路

oohsehun: 됴~~ 괜찮아사랑이야 수.목 밤10시 기대중!!🙌🙌
dyo~~ it’s okay that’s love soo. thurs night 10pm expectations!!🙌🙌

feather moon, scarlet sky
i love you endlessly, not knowing why

  ↳ 3/ of my guardian angel Zhang Yixing ♥ [ insp. ]

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